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From trees to treasures

Cutting down trees isn’t a rewarding job, especially in a city where there’s enough grey as it is. But with a bit of patience, a chainsaw and a steady hand, some people manage to turn what’s left of a tree trunk into a beautiful piece of art...

When three trees died in Novgorod, a Russian city south of Saint-Petersburg, wood carvers used the remains of the trunks to cut out two cute turtles, a snail and a fish. What a great ode to nature! Whoever made the carvings, put a lot of time in the delicate details. You can find the friendly sculptures right outside the old Kremlin walls, near the pedestrian bridge on the Volkov river.






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3 Comments on From trees to treasures

  1. Dead trees, still alive. Good idea, very nice sculptures!

  2. Beautiful artwork and a wonderful tribute to nature. Lovely!

  3. Re-purposed trees. I love it!

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